UPDATE : Andre makes profit and zeros in on big deal

Hi everyone!  

Do you remember Andre Kone? If not, check out our original blog on him.

He is the founder and director of Yerekalanbarani (E-Literacy), the product business which remotely tutors adults and children to read and write in Bambara. It is a cost effective tablet that Mr Kone designed himself having taught himself on youtube without a background in tech. 

When describing it, his passion comes across oozing confidence and determination. He was inspired to do this having spent years working with people who were restricted by their inability to read and write in Mali. He then committed 5 years to learning and developing the product. Then he sought investment and launched his business and, one year later, his business is gaining traction!

He is renting a premises in Bamako and from there, has secured profit in his first year of business! Not only this, he has secured a contract with a US firm for the translation of a Hollywood film into Bambara and is in negotiations with Plan International to produce a large number of Yerekalanbarani products in the coming months. 

In a country in which politicians have created an environment which does not prioritise important growth opportunity like access to capital investment, Andre has gone elsewhere, has united with Origin and carved his own path. 

As true as the day he inspired the Origin team to give him his first cash donation, Andre pursues his goals with dedication and confidence. It is paying off and we are very pleased to publish this update to the people who made this happen - you! All the customers who have bought Origin clothing have fuelled the engine which allowed this cash donation and that cash donation has catalysed an inspiring entrepreneur to develop this product which is changing lives in Mali. 

Congratulations to Andre and we wish him well as he continues!

Thank you to all the people out there wearing Origin clothing, wear it in the confidence that you have created opportunity!