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It matters to the makers.

The production of our clothes - from cotton growing to fabric sewing - provides long-term employment for people from backgrounds of extreme poverty. By only working with responsible partners, who are committed to fair wages and employee rights, and by donating ALL our profits to support the creation of even more businesses, we ensure an ever-expanding opportunity for lasting change.

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It matters to the environment.

The materials and methods used in manufacturing our clothes are the most sustainable - and least environmentally damaging - that any clothing can be. And we know this, because we have quality-controlled every step of the supply line ourselves. By strictly following the highest environmental standards, we show our commitment to supporting a healthy planet for all.

The process behind the products

It matters to you.

You can enjoy wearing Origin clothing knowing that it was made to the highest ethical, sustainable and quality standards. No more confusion over green-washing. When you choose Origin, you can confidently wear it like it matters for a long time to come. This is the future of fashion.

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Fearne Cotton is one of our sustainable supporters and is an ambassador of our social enterprise. An ethical champion herself, her work in mindfulness and positivity is the perfect match for our ethical brand.

Fearne Cotton

The lovely Fearne has a few of our tees and can be spotted, from time to time, sporting them on her insta stories. We are a huge fan of Fearne and her work - you'll find us at the wonderful Happy Place Festival each year too!

Gemma Atkinson

We are incredibly lucky that Gemma has been so supportive of Origin. As an animal lover she is proud to wear our vegan approved tees and she has encouraged her fans to help play a role in our journey to alleviate poverty.

Environmental blogger Lydia Cooke is a big fan of our ethical brand. We ensure our garments are sustainable and planet-friendly with reduced emissions coming from natural and recycled products and responsible agriculture.

Lydia Cooke

Environmental blogger and model Lydia looks epic in our tees... but even more importantly she is totally behind our purpose as a fierce supporter of humanitarian work herself. 

We're getting noticed...

Forbes and BBC are among the media outlets that have noticed our social enterprise and our attempt at fighting fast fashion with eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable production. We hope this encourages the slow fashion movement.

Our Original thinking is catching on...

We're lucky to have been noticed by some big publications as they look toward the future of fashion and how we can do more. We're proud to be leading the way!

We're proud to be featured on some of the largest ethical marketplaces in the world alongside some amazing sustainable brands. Wolf & Badger, Wearth, Compare Ethics and Know The Origin are some of our proud partners.

Our online retailers

You can find some of our products with our fantastic online partners, as well as some other amazing brands championing ethical consumerism and sustainability.


Businesses like Origin are truly changing the world and the way we think about what we consume.

Rafik Malik, Founder of Buy Good Feel Good

Origin reflects the future of ethical fashion but most importantly is driven by amazing people with big hearts.

Adam Force, Founder of Change Creator Magazine