About us

The fashion industry is broken.

So we set out to discover if clothing can ever be truly ethical AND fashionable. And thankfully, we are showing it can.

This is the future of fashion. And don't just take our word for it - we are being recognised across the media and by a growing number of celebrity ambassadors. From the highest environmental production standards to fair wages and long-term employment contracts for manufacturers.

And by donating ALL our profits to supporting more entrepreneurs, we ensure the cycle just keeps going, lifting families and whole communities out of entrenched poverty.

When you choose Origin, you choose a better future for us all.


Origin Advisors

Judith Ndane - Bamako, Mali -: Mali Hub Co-Director, Community Development and Entrepreneur Liaison

Judith was born in Gabon and now lives in Bamako, Mali with her husband, one daughter and two sons, Rose-Francoise, Moses and David. She works for an international NGO in Mali and is passionate about helping people in her community. 


Tracy McDonnell Goad - Cornwall, UK -: Good Business and Business Growth

Tracy is a director of a successful business growth story of her own in Cornwall, UK. She manages this with her husband, Dave. They have three wonderful children Henry, Reggie and Agatha. She has a business and finance background and together the couple have brought together an impressive sustainable growth campaign to their business.  


Didier Ndane - Bamako, Mali -: Health & Cross-Cultural Working

Didier is Judith's husband who first met Origin directors Alice and Tom in 2016. He is a doctor and works in the Southern region of Mali but lives with his wife and their children in Bamako. He has helped immensely since day one of starting Origin and has worked tirelessly to support the entrepreneurs in the region. 

"We have respect and appreciation for what Origin does, and therefore we are excited to be the Hub Directors here in Mali." 


Scott Beasley - London, UK - : Media & Public Relations

Scott is a journalist and producer at Sky Business News in the UK. He has been behind Origin every step of the way and has provided us with so much guidance over the past two years. He is passionate about international human rights and poverty alleviation as well as celebrating cultures from around the world.


Annabel Allcorn - UK - Speciality: Global Health & Cross-Cultural Working

Annabel is a nurse in the UK. She has spent a great deal of her career working in West Africa. She worked in Sierra Leone, during the Ebola outbreak, working closely with communities throughout the West African epidemic. She is a great asset to the Origin team and has helped immeasurably in just a short time.