Yerekalanbarani - E-Literacy Business launches today!

This is Andre Kone. He is the founder of Yerekalanbarani. Yerekalanbarani is social business training people to read and write and finding them employment. 



Based in Bamako, Mali, he has created a kit for remote learning to read and write.  His cost-effective 'auto-literacy' kit can be purchased at an affordable price for both adults and children wishing to learn to read and write. His entrepreneurship is inspiring and his business is ready to go, but for one or two obstacles.

He launches today with a brand new training facility showcasing and selling his new e-literacy tools in Bamako. His vision is to take people from illiteracy to employing them translating and subtitling documents and movies from 'developed' countries. The benefits are so many and they're all built into his social business plan. 

His business this week employs 6 people in its first phase and he hopes that within one year, we can expand to 40 people working in the literacy training centre providing both on site and remote learning opportunities, not to mention 40 good jobs in sales, accounting, education, marketing, strategy and management. We are ecstatic to share that he is now a colleague of Origin's and we are committed to facilitating his overcoming those obstacles. 

Good luck Andre! 


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