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The Story of your Impact

Origin was established in 2018 to provide a force for positive change in the world. Through sustainably produced unique cotton basics clothing, we set about inspiring a wide audience to pay attention to the source of the clothes but also to believe that a business could use its turnover to carve off a layer of funds for people suffering in poverty states. And you heard us and bought into the journey!

This ethical angle at business is something we feel should function well in today’s globalised society. To stand against xenophobia, hatred of those different to oneself and to represent those born to less advantageous opportunities are central principles of Origin’s ethos and this will never be replaced in Origin’s code of conduct. 

As a result, 100% of Origin's products that you buy go towards forcing this change to occur on a small scale but also to inspire a wider scope of impact through sharing messages from the people that matter and joining forces with important activist organisations out there standing for a better future such as the Or Foundation in Ghana. 


In 2022, we move to our long awaited African bespoke supply chain. We have been working towards this since it all started so we are so happy to tell you, our loyal customers, it is finally happening! 

Working with cotton farmers, textile producers, a sustainable factory, climate activists and decolonisation experts, we want to ensure we are getting it right at every stage to ensure our business performs at the highest available standards of ethics. 

To put a long story short, if we didn't think what we were doing had a positive impact on those we are working with, we simply wouldn't do it.



So, this year, Origin will see an exciting new range of clothing made in to the most ethical standards of business, garment production and cross-cultural working. And, to think, all this because you are willing to buy a garment!

Thank you for believing in us and being a part of this journey! 


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