Social Entrepreneurs Building in The Gambia

Remember Gambian entrepreneur, Musa Darbo?! He was one of the early recipients of Origin cash transfers.

In 2019, he received a cash donation to invest in his business firing clay bricks and eco clay stoves (they're eco because they require 1/3 the fuel of regular Gambian traditional stoves and are made entirely of natural materials from sustainable sources). 

Well, he had numerous problems and delays as we all did as of March 2020, let's not mention the C word again. 

So he bided his time, hunkered down and has finally made it fit into place at the right time. His business is flourishing with new orders every day and a stock of eco stoves ready to go. He now employs 10 people full time, 7 of whom are newly trained women in clay work, clay firing and sales. 

He also diversified with his team to firing clay art work for local artists. He explains this side of business is going well too.  

Beyond this, on a background of having been denied education past the age of 12 due to family financial pressures and societal pressures, through his business success and leadership he continues to inspire those around him. 

Here's to you Mr Darbo!