Who We Are

Origin is a global organisation. Though it's founders are British, the team surrounding and supporting Origin has always been based around the world. 

Our team in the UK works tirelessly to grow the brand and increase the awareness of our mission, while our board members (based around the world!) provide ongoing inspiration and direction to our work and projects in Africa. 


Meet The Board...

Judith Ndane

Judith was born in Gabon and now lives in Bamako, Mali with her husband and two sons. She works for an international NGO in Mali and is passionate about helping people in her community. 

Didier Ndane

Didier is Judith's husband who we met back in 2017. He is a doctor and works in the Southern region of Mali but lives with his wife and sons in Bamako. He has helped immensely since day one of starting Origin and has worked tirelessly to support our projects in the region. 

Scott Beasley 

Scott is a journalist and producer at Sky Business News in the UK. He has been behind Origin every step of the way and has provided us with so much guidance over the past two years. He is passionate about international human rights and poverty alleviation as well as celebrating cultures from around the world.

Annabel Alcorn

Annabel is a nurse in the UK but spent two years of her career working in Africa. She worked in Sierra Leone, during the Ebola outbreak, working closely with communities throughout the West African epidemic. She is a great asset to the Origin team and has helped us immeasurably in just a short time since she joined. 

Olatunde Olotu

Tunde was born in Nigeria. We were lucky enough to meet him while living and working in Amsterdam, one year before establishing Origin. Since then he has gone on to work for the Department for International Development (DIFD) and is currently based in Yemen during the worlds worst humanitarian crisis. 
He has given us so much advice over the years, especially recently in helping focus our efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Meet The UK Team...

Alice & Tom

Tom & Alice are the founders of Origin. Alice runs the business full time and Tom works as an emergency medicine doctor (as well as putting in many hours into Origin too!). Their collective passion for starting Origin began after spending many years living and working in Africa. Instead of envisaging a traditional charity structure the couple saw a better way of alleviating poverty - though the creation of a social enterprise in the UK which could in turn help to support social business in developing countries. There is so much more to the story, but in a nutshell that was how Origin was born!



Wonderful Cora has just joined our team! She was born and raised in Kenya and moved to the UK a year ago. She is passionate about African culture, international development with has a specific mission to help alleviate poverty in developing countries.