UPDATE: Cash Donation to Women's Initiative Gambia

You may remember Isatou Ceesay, the inspirational social entrepreneur we wrote about in our November blog

And this week we are delighted to announce that Origin has donated £1000 to her work as leader of Women's Initiative Gambia. 

The project is fighting for women in Gambia to be able to access equal opportunities in life and business.

We spoke to her this week to coordinate the cash transfer and organise when we will next see one another:

Isatou told us: "The money you are sending, I definitely want to use it as a seed money, to make it grow.

"I will start to use it as a microcredit: create a loan scheme for our women to start small businesses. I am looking forward to working with you on this to get the most out of work together." 

We are honoured to work with this female leader and can't wait to see what she will achieve with the funding.

"Women’s Initiative Gambia helps financially poor women in The Gambia to improve their skills and income so as to raise the standard of living of their families and their communities."

To learn more about the project visit their website.

Women's Initiative Gambia