The new 'Made in Tanzania' cotton tees!

We have been waiting to write this blog for some time, eagerly waiting for the chance to tell you all about this new collection. The journey has been long, and if we are honest we are only just at the start of it as these new tees are just phase one of our plan to move our full supply chain to Africa. 

For these tees we are incredibly proud and excited to be working with one of few suppliers in the industry sourcing organic made in Africa products. The entire supply chain is completely transparent, from the organic cotton from Tanzanian farm groups to the production completed under one roof in the fully vertical factory in Arusha, Tanzania.


Sustainability and equality is at the heart of this African supply chain. The cotton is sourced from Biosustain, a Tanzanian organisation dedicated to supporting farmers and their businesses at a local level. All their cotton is rain fed, which means they save water compared with regions that use irrigation. Transport from farm to ginnery is by ox and cart saving on carbon emitted by trucks used in other countries and all the water used in the manufacturing process is cleaned so its free of any dyes or chemicals that could damage the eco-system.


The factory itself, Sunflag, works closely with the FairWear Foundation and they have welfare programs in place for workers that include housing, subsidised meals, transportation, insurance, medical care, education and health awareness. Perhaps most importantly, everyone has a voice and is actively involved in the workers unions, and maternity, bereavement and sick pay are all guaranteed.



So, now you know a bit more about the story behind the products we are about to release. And you know that just like our suppliers, when we say ‘Made in Africa’, we say it with love and pride. ❤️🌍