B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ Brave Friday

At ORIGIN, we do Black Friday a little differently. Amongst the chaos of 'bargains', shameless promotions and endless consumerism, we're dedicating this day to a life-changing initiative. 

We're teaming up with the amazing SOKO Kenya and donating 100% of the profit from our latest Brave Woman tee to their brilliant Kujuwa initiative. SOKO Kenya is a sustainable garment manufacturer that boldly shows the rest of the world how it should be done through 4 key areas (You can see their factory and the incredible garments they create here):
  • Minimised environmental impact through the use of fabric waste and low energy solutions
  • Upskilling of workers by offering ongoing career development and training
  • Prioritising health and well-being by offering nursery support to mothers 
  • Provision of medical care and financial literacy training to all

As part of their commitment to supporting the local community, SOKO set up the Kujuwa Initiative and we were amazed when we learned how this supports and empowers young women to realise their own strengths; to be brave, to aspire and to achieve. ORIGIN's Christmas campaign 'All is Bright' focuses on optimism and bravery and we released our own Brave Woman tee to mark this.
Black Friday supporting sustainable community initiatives
The Kujuwa initiative trains and supports young people, families and educators in sexual reproductive health and rights and menstrual hygiene management. This means young girls can stay in school and receive an education instead of having to stay at home due to a lack of protective wear.

"We are passionate about supporting girls to have the same opportunities as boys. A monthly period should not be a barrier for girls.

It should not hinder girls from attending school.

It should not cause embarrassment or shame.

We encourage girls to respect their body, to fight for equality and to aspire to a great future. We support boys to gain a respect and understanding for the life-cycle of a woman’s body". 
To do this, the organisation produces reusable sanitary pads by up-cycling waste materials from the SOKO Factory. The Kujuwa pad is a high quality, reusable, inexpensive pad that enables girls and women to manage their periods safely.
Reusable sanitary pads made from upcycled clothing fabric
Your ethical purchase means we can help fund this project, enabling specialised trainers to continue their work and distribute sustainable menstrual products throughout the community. For young women and their communities, this impact cannot be understated. Education, leading to quality and secure employment, can break the cycle of poverty for families and for future generations.
Young smiling girl holding up reusable sanitary pads
According to research by the World Bank, for every extra year of primary education, a girl’s individual wage rate increases an average of 10–20% and 25% with an extra year of secondary school. Furthermore, 90% of a mother’s wage goes towards caring for her family, thus lifting a household out of poverty and hunger. Breaking the cycle of poverty has been the focal point of ORIGIN's work in Africa so far and we're proud to be supporting such an important and innovative initiative. 

This Black Friday we're trying to change the way fashion impacts the world and show people the good it can do. You are part of that journey and we're grateful for your support - from all of us and our friends at the amazing Kujuwa Initiative, thank you!

You can directly support the Kujuwa initiative by getting yourself our limited edition Brave Woman tee - 100% of profits go to SOKO Kenya to continue their amazing work: https://www.originafrica.co.uk/collections/brave-woman-tees