Social Entrepreneurs

This is what Origin is doing with the profits of its clothing sales!

Giving capable and trusted SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS the

  • boost of capital
  • the support of belief and co-inspiration as well as 
  • committed logistical support and problem solving.

It is woven into the fabric of Origin's organisational culture and it is woven into the ethos of every piece of clothing we produce, WEAR IT WITH POSITIVITY AND ENJOY IT! 

Origin EMPOWERS her or him (the partner social entrepreneur) to SELF CREATE freedom: social mobility, financial independence and social change. 

This process has been PROVEN to lead to:

  1. Improved ability to save an plan financially for the future,
  2. A better education for the children of involved families,
  3. Improved domestic hygiene environments and
  4. Exponential job creation
  5. And therefore all the sustainable future benefits that come hand in hand with the above. 

All of these opportunities widen the scope for breaking the cycle of poverty in which too many people live in 2020 and it can be ignited from the BOTTOM UP!

The next generation of movers and shakers in low income countries who can break the cycle of poverty is made of SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS.

ORIGIN is giving them the leg up to achieve their right to this freedom from poverty for themselves and for the communities in which they are inspired every day across Sub-Saharan Africa. 

If you want to be involved with us, be in touch or simply buy a piece of our clothing and be inspired to be a part of this journey to GENUINELY REDUCE POVERTY IN 2020!