Raising a glass... OF WATER!

Today we are raising a glass to a project which has long been a part of the Origin journey. 

Two years we met and began working with the wonderful Gambia Cotton Trail who are an organisation dedicated to reviving the fair trade of handwoven cotton in The Gambia.


At the end of 2019 we invested £2,000 (funds generated by your generous purchases) to help support their work. Cotton used to be a major part of The Gambian economy, not only supplying jobs to the agriculture sector but also employing weavers, tailors and retail merchants. In the 1990s, the way in which cotton was traded changed. And instead of being valued at a fixed price per ton, its price became negotiable, meaning that The Gambia could not compete with bigger more mechanised production. Over time, the cotton industry died out and today only a small fraction of its previous production is achieved. Still, many farmers know the skill of cultivating cotton. And in many ethnic groups, cotton has been part of their culture and tradition through generations.

The funds donated were put towards a borehole for a farming village which would allow the community to create two crops of cotton per year, one during rainy season and one during dry season. Supporting farming also helps to create jobs and the borehole has the added benefit of providing clean, safe drinking water for the community all year round.

Due to Covid, this project had been long delayed and despite digging beginning in 2020 the running water was still eluding us by the start of 2021.

This week however, we have had the incredible news that the water is finally  flowing. This video brought me to tears and I hope it shows you all what can be achieved with persistence and determination... And the support of a few wonderful people buying ethical clothing 🌍💙💦