Seamstress School - Ki-Training Update This Week

Hey guys! Just a quick update.

The Seamstress School is back up and running now that Covid rules have been relaxed in Bamako. Alain and his team at Ki-Training, Bamako, have a new premises and reconditioned machines to restart post-covid with an optimistic view of things to come for these women and their journey in fashion, seamstress skills and business.

Here are some photos of the day to day activities at Ki-Training taken this week. 

Soon we will be releasing some stories of the women and their perspective on training and finding jobs in Bamako in the current climate.


Seamstress at Ki-Training

Seamstress in training at Ki-Training, Bamako

Seamstress working on fabric

Training in Bamako


All of these photos were taken with full consent of those in them and in full knowledge of their intent of use.