Inspired by Entrepreneurs


The history and opinions around poverty alleviation are as diverse as the cultural traditions of the communities effected. These are topics that are central to Origin's work and to Origin's difference from a lot of coexisting work in similar sectors. 

Our beginnings come from RESPECT for the people to whom we are hoping to offer a service. The service is an opportunity to escape from poverty in a financially and socially sustainable way. Of course we maintain the highest possible environmental methods as well but we believe those three branches of the evermore quoted word 'sustainability' cannot exist mutually exclusively. 

So, why look for evidence and not just go and do what you think is probably right? There are many people living in abject poverty finding better solutions with far fewer resources than our global northern selves ever would. They inspire with their drive and charisma. How would organisations know any more what individuals living in poverty may require than they do themselves? Well, they don't. 

We ask. We discuss. We sit down and listen and chat over whatever drink she or he see most fit wherever is most fitting. And we LEARN. To better bridge the gap of cross-cultural working and communication (and this is far more than language), we are in the process of appointing Africa-based Hub Directors to oversee our methods and our madness in Origin's poverty alleviation efforts. So, no we don't know the silver bullet for poverty alleviation yet and, no doubt, there won't be a one size fits all opportunity on this one but we can explore and look for the available opportunities to make this difference for real individuals' futures. 

What next? We look at the EVIDENCE. What has worked, where, how, with whom? This is the application of statistical significance to poverty alleviation and social impact methods, quantitative as well as qualitative (don't miss the fine details). A working knowledge of this is the least we can do.  

So... Origin's methods are not a hunch. They are the product of countless hours of attention to the opinions of those it serves and countless more researching the available information for the ways in which its work can be performed. Basically, this is because Origin cares deeply about the outcome for the individuals we are working alongside. 


Our current most employed methods are in cash donations to social business entrepreneurs, most often linked to already existing women's groups, installing savings initiatives (extreme poverty's method for disaster insurance) and alongside training initiatives. Admittedly a very brief summary... 


We don't keep this to ourselves, we want more people to be engaging with the process of poverty alleviation in a respectful way so, if you have questions, advice, contributions or want to start your own thing, get in touch with us! You'd be joining a very supportive and inspired community. Alternatively, buy and enjoy our clothing & give us the strength to keep working towards this goal of preventing people from suffering in the trap of true poverty. Buying our clothing genuinely allows us to continue this journey and exist at the forefront of evidence based poverty alleviation. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you  


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