Eco Stoves Update

As the Gambian rainy season comes to a much anticipated end, Musa Darbo and his team have finalised discussions regarding plans for their upcoming launch of the Eco Stoves business. The team of 9 met last week to discuss how they will go about obtaining raw materials, constructing and marketing the clay products. 

These Eco Stoves will consume less than a third of the firewood previously required for cooking in traditional Gambian households. 

Eco Stoves made by Musa

He has also designed templates to produce clay bricks for construction as well. 

With exactly half of his team female, Musa is a true believer in women being the drivers of business development and entrepreneurship. He is determined to provide good jobs and with it, establish women's groups for co-learning opportunities within the tasks and skills of the business as well as a finance cooperative.

During difficult times, this creation of good jobs and financial security for those previously unemployed represents a real opportunity for these guys. 

He is an inspiring man to speak to and the Origin team wishes him and his team the best of luck in this new social business venture!  

Musa at work with his son


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