Black Lives Matter: We Will Do Better

Firstly we would like to be clear that this statement is not a bid to boost the brand or make sales by capitalising on this incredibly important topic. 


So we please ask that you read this statement and hold us to account on our commitment to do better. 


Alongside the rest of the world, we have been watching in horror at the atrocities unfolding in the US. 


It is sad to say that this is not something which should be 'new news', but it is certainly about time that the Black Lives Matter movement was given the global recognition it deserves. 


Many brands have been rightly criticised for simply reposting and sharing rather than learning and taking action. 


After yesterday’s blackout we took some time as an organisation with our team to look within and critically appraise our presence as a brand and how we improve and evolve. 


Please know that we are not perfect. We are a small business, learning and growing and - alongside our partners in Africa - we hope to be able to continue to change lives and communities with your help. 


We have many black voices within ORIGIN, from our African partners to the project leaders we work with. But we know we can do more to reflect this diversity in all aspects of our brand.


Here are the first 3 steps in our movement to DO BETTER...


1. BETTER REPRESENTATION IN OUR MODELS: We do not use models in our shoots, we use real people. From postmen to doctors, from dog groomers to YouTubers. 


We do shout-outs to our local community in Devon and we have been so lucky to always get a fantastic response - with models who vary in age, sex, size and ethnicity. 


However, we do feel we can do better. We feel that our Instagram feed is not as representative as it should be, especially given that our organisation exists solely for the purpose of creating equal opportunities and changing the lives of inspirational African communities.


We will do better.


2. GREATER VISIBILITY OF PROJECT LEADERS: We have a fantastic range of projects, run by local entrepreneurs in each of our project locations. 


These people are the heart and soul of Origin and the entire motivation for every garment sold.


We are continually trying to improve the communications between us and our remote projects, and in doing so we hope to have more and more content to share with you.


It is extremely important that every Origin consumer knows the people and communities who benefit from their funds. 


These incredible individuals will be more viable than ever on our social platforms, website and our new monthly newsletter.


We will do better.


3. GREATER DIVERSITY IN OUR INFLUENCERS: We have been blessed with a whole host of support since launching Origin, from our consumers as well as influencers and celebrities.


We have had a lot of opportunities to work with individuals who have made such a difference to our sales by helping to promote our cause (we never pay for these endorsements, we send garments as gifts and any coverage is entirely voluntary).


We feel very lucky that so many Instagram influencers are moved and motivated by our cause. However, again we seek more diversity in this area of Origin’s social presence. 


We do not handpick our influencers currently but we would love, wholeheartedly welcome and will proactively seek working alongside black and ethnic minority influencers in the future.


We will do better.