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Eat Fruit Print
Eat Fruit Print
Eat Fruit Print

Eat Fruit Print

This gorgeous print was inspired by a piece of Gambian street art we discovered on the side wall of the HIV clinic we support in Brikama. To us, the design embodies the vibrancy of African culture, the importance of self-care and the hope of good things to come. 


Print size A4.

Frame Size: 12" x 10"

All sizes Unisex. Show Sizing Chart

Measurements (cm) S M L
Height 175 179 183
Chest 91 96 102
Waist 76 81 86
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Our Ethos: 100% of profits return to Africa.

The cotton within is 100% sustainably sourced and profits will go towards consolidating the Origin projects running in The Gambia, Ethiopia and Mali. Find out more